Logistic flows

RoRo operations

A RoRo terminal is a busy place at all times, from ramp-down to ramp-up it is frenetic.

  • Introducing a new vessel with higher or different capacity, want to make sure schedule can be kept?
  • Can terminal space be reduced without impact on operations?
  • May turnaround times be shortened?
  • Where will the bottlenecks be, if making changes?

We provide:

  • Analysis of existing operations, bottleneck identification and proposed improvements
  • Traffic flow analysis/simulations of terminal, vessel and combined
  • Vehicle movement envelope studies
  • Proposals for loading/discharging procedures

Luggage & Provision handling

Provision and luggage handling are amongst the most critical processes in the operation of large cruise vessels.

  • Interested in improving guest experience and using resources more efficiently?
  • Optimizing your main homeport operation?
  • Evaluating a new port of call?
  • Want to shorten your turnaround time or decrease sensitivity for disturbances?
  • Wish to use information technology to bring operations to a new level?

We provide:

  • Analysis of existing operations
  • Simulations of ship and terminal activities
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Idea generation
  • Investigation of possible improvements
  • Development and delivery of related equipment
  • Development and delivery of information support systems
  • Project management all through implementation

Passenger flows

Guests are precious, should be treated accordingly

  • Can passenger experience be improved by optimizing embarcation arrangement of your newbuild?
  • Want to analyse performance of a new home port?
  • Can turnaround time be shortened without guest inconvenience?
  • Want to validate a new vessel concept taken beyond any present experience?

We provide:

  • Analysis of existing operations
  • Simulations of ship and terminal passenger flows
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Investigation of possible improvements
  • Evacuation analysis according to IMO/SOLAS regulations